A Night To Remember

Special thanks to Kevin Fox, Chris Bilton and Douglas Cameron for making our cd-release concert at the Glenn Gould Studio such a special night. We are still coming down from cloud nine. See you soon Toronto!

Backstage at the Glenn Gould Studio

San Francisco Bliss


Grass Valley, CA. photo by Tony Finnerty

It’s taken two days to get back in to eastern time since Sheila and I returned home from California, but I’m still not quite used to the cold.

Grass Valley: I have just recently become a coffee drinker, and my thirst for flavour was quenched at Carolines Coffee Roasters in Grass Valley. The vintage decor and the huge bags of perfectly roasted coffee beans in the front window made it a little piece of heaven. On the advice of the audience at the Center for the Arts, we made sure to catch the view from the Yuba River overlook. What a sight!

Sutter Creek: Fresh thin crust pizza, funny postcards, chocolate fudge, and an old fashioned ice cream parlour…. I have a huge crush on Sutter Creek.

San Francisco: Our show at the Freight and Salvage was the perfect way to begin our 5 days in San Francisco! We spent most of our trip shooting videos for the new album, exploring the beautiful landscape of the coast, and we even had time to return to our favourite spots downtown. Our talented friend and videographer, Luke Divers, captured the best moments on film, and managed to stay sane dispite spending 8 days straight with Dala. My top memory: sunset on the edge of the world…en route to Stinson Beach.

(check out all our California photos here)

It was a sad day when we had to catch our flights home, especially considering that our hearts were left behind….still soaking in the beauty of northern California.
Thanks to all of our friends and fans who came out to support us. We can’t wait to return to California in October.


photo by Luke Divers

Sunlight, Camera, Action!

Sunset at the San Francisco Airport

Back in beautiful California!  It’s a sunny, t-shirt weather kind of day in Grass Valley. We started the day off right by sauntering down to Carolines Coffee Roasters for a coffee and a chai latte. Everyone saunters in Grass Valley. Tonight we play downtown at the Center For The Arts, and then Saturday we head to gold country to play the Sutter Creek Theatre.


On Sunday we’ll be in Berkeley for the first time, performing at the legendary Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse. Wherever you are in the world you can tune in! You can purchase online tickets for $3 any time on the day of the show here. Payment can be made using PayPal or a credit/debit card. Thank you internet!

Who needs books on tape?

Amanda (the birthday girl) brings our latest Harlequin to life en route to Nashville. We play Music City Roots at the  Loveless Cafe for the first time on Feb 15!


Happy New Year!

Banff, AB

Thanks to all the fans in Banff and Calgary who came out to see us on our first tour of 2012! We always look forward to our time in Alberta, and playing three sold-out shows at the Banff Centre, Fish Creek Concerts and The Nickelodeon was a fantastic way to start the year. After a full month of vacation (Amanda went to Thailand…I went to Fairview Mall), it was a great feeling to step on stage together again.

Every baby needs a Dala bib!

While out West, we made sure to drop in on our favourite Canadian cafe, the Communitea Cafe in Canmore. The Communitea recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary, and on top of that Marnie the owner just became a new mom! The occasion definitely called for a special Dala gift.

On this tour we also debuted the Dala Loyalty Club cards. Amanda can’t wait to stamp your card. Seriously, I think she’s more excited about using that stamp than she is about our new album.

Loyalty Club Cards will be available at all upcoming Dala shows. Fans will get a stamp from us for every show they attend, with special gifts and membership upgrades as they progress from Bronze (6 shows) to Silver (12 shows) to Gold (18 shows). After that, we find you a new hobby.

To all our friends in Alberta: Stay warm!

p.s. The new album “Best Day” will be released on June 8, 2012. We can’t wait!

Amanda's Homemade Recipe For The Best West Coast Tour Ever!


1 cotton dress from Seattle
1/2 a bag of cotton candy in San Francisco
2 sunny days at Strawberry Folk Fest
8 postcards from Weed, CA
1 hour standing awe-struck at Crater Lake
1 full day driving through Oregon
4 days at Americana Song Camp in Sisters, Oregon
2 jaw dropping performances by Willy Porter
1 new song with Matt the Electrician
5 handfulls of jelly beans
2 shows in beautiful British Columbia


Slowly mix all ingredients together. Allow to bake in the hot sun for almost 3 weeks.

Enjoy with friends and family!

Summer Bliss

As another amazing summer comes to a close, Sheila and I have put together a quick list of our most memorable moments:

Red's Eats, Wiscasset ME

Amanda’s Top Memorable Moments

1. Red’s Eats Lobster Roll: On our beautiful drive through Maine we stopped at Red’s Eats to try their world famous lobster roll. It was totally worth the wait!

2. Breakfast of champions: Our buffet breakfast in Bellevue Washington was out of this world. Smoked salmon, blackberries, cheese, capers and bacon: I’m convinced that they read my mind before preparing it.

3. Camping in Ontario: I spent three nights in a wilderness oasis north of Toronto. With no one around I could truly hear my own thoughts…. it was pretty quiet.

Sheila’s Top Memorable Moments

1. Buying a harness and leash for my cat: Note to self: cats are not dogs; they do not like harnesses or leashes.

2. Seeing Jesus Christ Superstar at Ontario’s Stratford Festival. It did justice to my all-time favourite musical. I even sang along with the guitar solos.

3. Camping in Ontario: I spent three nights in a wilderness oasis north of Toronto. With no one around I could truly hear my own thoughts….”BEARS.” Note to self: when trying to fall asleep in the darkness of Algonquin, don’t start wondering whether you have been tracked all day by a bear and/or escaped convict.

Let there be LIGHT!

We finished our US Spring tour with an amazing show at Concerts at the Crossing in Titusville, NJ.  Special thanks to Treasa Levasseur for her wonderful opening set. The weather on the night of the show was dark and stormy, and the whole building actually lost power RIGHT before Amanda and I had to go onstage. That sound in the background of the video is heavy rainfall on the roof. We were ready to go ahead with an unplugged set, when Joni Mitchell’s secret chords magically saved the day!

Watch the video : Let there be LIGHT!

We'll miss you, "One Night Stand"!

Well it’s a sad day for Dala. On our wintery drive from Lloydminster to Westlock Alberta we finally finished our cheesy romance novel “One Night Stand”. Now we are left with not only an empty space in our hearts…. but in our brains as well. For I am convinced that I’m just a little bit stupid-er for having read this book.

TOP QUOTES from “One Night Stand”:

1. ” But I’m a fighter–not a dancer.” -Reed Corrigan

2. “When he brought her home, he kissed her in the car, suggested they see Dances with Wolves the following night, and drove away.”

3. “Never would not be too soon”

4.  “…allowing her passion, rage, and frustration to emerge through her body, she began to dance Vegas-style jazz”

5. “Reed was wearing beige suede trousers with a full-sleeved silk shirt in which he looked wholly and disturbingly masculine”

6. “[Jodie] painted her fingernails bright orange, and made up her face with green and gold eyeshadow and tangerine lipstick…then she put on orange and green figured harem trousers and an orange silk shirt, leaving as many of the shirt buttons undone as she dared.”

*Dala note: These are the worst dressed people on earth.

7. “He said huskily, ‘I’m early and you’re perfect’.”

8. “One night wasn’t enough for Jodie. Loving her was a package deal- she came with tomorrows.”

Well I think that says it all.


Winter’s Wonderland

Dala in Beardmore, Ontario

I’m cold. But completely content! It is day 5 of our Northwestern Ontario tour and my heart is bursting from the beauty of this fine land. I am so happy that we are finishing off 2010 (an amazing year) in our home province of Ontario. There must be something that comes with the long winters, long drives and thick forest that makes people in the North the warmest of all. Our first show was in Geraldton, a beautiful town north east of Thunder bay. The drive was familiar at first, as we passed by Red Rock where we played at the “Live from the Rock” Festival in 2008.

The community in Geraldton welcomed us with open arms and even invited us out for a lovely reception after the show, where we witnessed the ongoing debate about our possible routes to the next show in Manitouwadge:

1. The Long Way: (6 hours) Follow hwy 11 down and to hwy 17, through Marathon and up.
2. The Short Way: (2 hours) Take the unpaved, single lane, bush road through the wilderness, avoiding the many giant potholes, logging trucks, and moose…. all of which ultimately have the right of way.

Dala and their tour manager Paul in Manitouwadge, Ontario

Our drive to Manitouwadge (the long way) was long, but beautiful, and we made sure to grab a picture with the town’s over-sized welcome sign (our goal is to take a picture whenever we see something over-sized). The next day was spent cooped up in our van, listening to T. Bay radio, and reading quality literature as we made the 8 hour trek to Dryden.

I am currently sitting in my room looking out over the Wabigoon River. Including tonight, Sheila and I have three more shows until we return home to Toronto. With our boot-tucks in full swing, we are fully enjoying this peaceful time up North.

Thank you Ontario, for helping us end our whirlwind year with a reminder that the most beautiful places in the world are in our own backyard!