Dala and Ralph Lauren

Dala’s song “Anywhere Under The Moon” was featured during Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2012 Fashion show at New York Fashion Week!

Check out the video of the runway show

Amanda's Homemade Recipe For The Best West Coast Tour Ever!


1 cotton dress from Seattle
1/2 a bag of cotton candy in San Francisco
2 sunny days at Strawberry Folk Fest
8 postcards from Weed, CA
1 hour standing awe-struck at Crater Lake
1 full day driving through Oregon
4 days at Americana Song Camp in Sisters, Oregon
2 jaw dropping performances by Willy Porter
1 new song with Matt the Electrician
5 handfulls of jelly beans
2 shows in beautiful British Columbia


Slowly mix all ingredients together. Allow to bake in the hot sun for almost 3 weeks.

Enjoy with friends and family!

The Bluegrass Special's review of "Girls From The North Country"

“Well established, even beloved, in their native Canada, the duo of Amanda Walther and Sheila Carabine, collectively known as Dala, made a move toward greater North American recognition last summer with the PBS airing of their concert Girls From the North Country, from which this CD is drawn. (This is the duo’s fifth album, but its first with a U.S.-based label.) Dala writes terrific original songs and approaches its intelligent covers with respect for the originals and an understanding of how to bring a fresh perspective to the time-honored texts of great songwriters.”

Read the full Bluegrass Special review

Summer Bliss

As another amazing summer comes to a close, Sheila and I have put together a quick list of our most memorable moments:

Red's Eats, Wiscasset ME

Amanda’s Top Memorable Moments

1. Red’s Eats Lobster Roll: On our beautiful drive through Maine we stopped at Red’s Eats to try their world famous lobster roll. It was totally worth the wait!

2. Breakfast of champions: Our buffet breakfast in Bellevue Washington was out of this world. Smoked salmon, blackberries, cheese, capers and bacon: I’m convinced that they read my mind before preparing it.

3. Camping in Ontario: I spent three nights in a wilderness oasis north of Toronto. With no one around I could truly hear my own thoughts…. it was pretty quiet.

Sheila’s Top Memorable Moments

1. Buying a harness and leash for my cat: Note to self: cats are not dogs; they do not like harnesses or leashes.

2. Seeing Jesus Christ Superstar at Ontario’s Stratford Festival. It did justice to my all-time favourite musical. I even sang along with the guitar solos.

3. Camping in Ontario: I spent three nights in a wilderness oasis north of Toronto. With no one around I could truly hear my own thoughts….”BEARS.” Note to self: when trying to fall asleep in the darkness of Algonquin, don’t start wondering whether you have been tracked all day by a bear and/or escaped convict.